Dogs of Siptah Rules


1.  Max 1 main base per clan / solo player. 
    - Do not block important spawns "If not Sure ask Admin"
    - No foundation / Item spam. Land claim must be done by practical builds.
    - Only 1 Raid Base Allowed and needs to be removed as soon as Possible after raid time is over,

      if not removed till next day, 
      Admin will remove raid base without Notice

      (Failing to remove Raid Bases multiple times will end up in a Warning).
2.  Max 8 Vaults per clan / solo player  "Raid Vaults are Included"
3.  Total of 15.000 Building Pieces Allowed

     (Every 2/3 days Admin will Post Building pieces count for each clan).
4.  No Gods / No Bubbles.
5.  20 Followers.
6.  Repairing is allowed, but rebuilding / dismantling is NOT.
    - Rebuild / dismantle part also applies to attackers.
    - Exception is Elevators, Trebuchets and Beds, which can be replaced.
7.  After 15 minutes of no building pieces / placements destroyed, you can rebuild.

8.  No Horses/Rhinos PvP (Horse/Rhino can be used for transport/Travel but not for PvP).
    - Also counts as Horse/Rhino PVP even if a Player attacks a Follower or Knocks down a

     Player with the Horse/Rhino.
9.  No Cats/Dogs Allowed (Dog,Sabertooth, Tiger, Panter, Lion, Jaguar, and e.e.).

     Any Cats found will be Deleted!
10.  Do not kill players in loading screen. 
    - Do not camp Vaults entries, players must be able to move and run before you engage in any PvP in

      these places. 
    - Players who repeatedly run in and out of Vaults to avoid pvp can be killed in loading screen 
      (Make sure to record when doing it to avoid confusion).
11.  3 days of Raid Protection (RP) can be granted upon joining Server or after a substantial amount of loot

      lost from the raid.
12.  No cleansing weapons: Set's Tongue, Mitra's Justice

      (Can only be used to remove Poison, not player boosts).
13.  NOT Allowed to Transfer loot through the door/wall.
14.  NOT Allowed to Kill Followers with Palisades out of Raid Time.```