In support of all DLC fans, on server will be trade - black ice for hardened bricks. So, you can craft DLC blocks faster and more profitably.
For trade you need to put black ice in an open chest at your base and create a ticket with the location of the chest. To copy the coordinates to the clipboard, use the [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + [L] command.

BlackIce Trade.png

In the shop, you can find a case with a Random Artisan. Since the site does not support giving thralls to player without the participation of the admin, figurines are the equivalent of a thralls. To get an artisan, put figurines in an open chest at your base, write a ticket and send the coordinates of the chest. To copy the coordinates to the clipboard, use the [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + [L] command.


Silent Legion Figurine (Фигурка Безмолвного Легиона) - Smelter (Литейщик)
Undead First Men Figurine (Фигурка первочеловека-нежити) - Taskmaster (Надсмотрщик)
Ghoul Figurine (Фигурка Гуля) - Carpenter (Плотник)
Giant King Figurine (Фигурка Короля Великана) - Zath Priest (Жрец Зата)
Yakith Figurine (Фигурка якита) - Blacksmith (Кузнец)
Avatar of Bokrug Figurine (Фигурка воплощения Бокруга) - Entertainer (Танцор)
Blood Defiler Figurine (Фигурка осквернителя крови) - Tanner (Кожевник)
Krllyandian Figurine (Фигурка крлландийца) - Bearer (Носильщик)
Migo Figurine (Фигурка ми-го) - Armorer (Бронник)
Shaggai Huntress Figurine (Фигурка Шагайской Охотницы) - Alchemist (Алхимик)
Spider of Leng Figurine (Фигурка Паука Ленга) - Cook (Повар)


Streamers can exchange hours of stream for a nice reward.
For every hour of stream, you can get 2 Fragment of Power and 10 Dragonpowder.
Please enter correct info in the name of the stream.
Remember, the discord name Dogs of the Desert The name of the server itself is [EU/RU] CROSSROADS Discord link -