We started this server with an idea of having a good server for true PvP experience.
But to keep this project going every little help counts.
Your contribution will be Rewarded:
• €10 / ₽922 contribution: unlimited dyes, 300 Star Metal Bars and 4 normal T4-thralls.
• €20 / ₽1844 contribution: unlimited dyes, 25 Fragments or 600 Star Metal and 8 normal T4-thralls.
• €30 / ₽2766 contribution: unlimited dyes, 50 Fragments or 1200 Star Metal and 12 normal T4-thralls.

Please Contact us if you would like to Contribute.
Available Methods of Payment:
- GooglePay
- Credit Card

Dogs of the Desert Server Prizes

We Decided to add a Prize Store to the Server. By voting once a Day for the Server you get a blue Diamond. Can Trade this Diamond's for in numerous Prizes.