1. It is forbidden to use cheats, third-party programs, bugs aimed at causing harm to the server,
    or other players.
   Violators can be punished after providing video evidence, or if the admin personally
    observed the violation.

2. Undermeshers will be banned without warning.

3. It is forbidden to kill or loot players in case of server crash.

4. It is forbidden to raid (damage buildings or kill thralls on guard) clans with RP. List of clans
    with RP with dates are in the Raid protection channel.

5. It is forbidden to use RP in the clan name without asking for it.

6. Toxicity against admins or the server will get you Banned. We understand being a bit toxic is part of the
    Game, But there is Limits and we will Punish Acording if it goes too far.

7. Player name need to be in Visible, no hidden symbols, need to contain letters (not just symbols), not

8. Clan name needs to be visible and not just empty spaces or offensive.

Reporting rule breaks must be done through a ticket and be supported by video evidence, not to admins

- Can download Recording Software at:
Click To Download Shadowplay
- Shadowlplay allows you to record your last 10min in case if something happened.

1. Reporting rule breaks must be supported by video evidence.
    The screenshot is not evidence and can only be provided in addition.

2. The administration does not always have the ability to respond through private messages or in
    general channels.
    For a timely response, use Tickets (link to the channel below).

3. Requests for trade / obtaining RP / other admins help must also be made through Tickets. When creating
    a Ticket, do not wait for a response from the admin. Just describe the problem.