1. Lances are forbidden.

2. Hollowbone arrows are forbidden.

3. FFA (free for all) works only on Saturdays.

    On other days, the rule is clan vs clan.
    The clan-to-clan rule means that attackers and defenders can only consist of one clan on each side.
    Please do not interfere with other people's raids, even if you want to "just watch".
    At the discretion of the administration, a warning may be issued when interfering with someone else's raid.

4. Do not equip thralls with Throwing axes, Javelins, Snake and Blunted arrows.

5. Do not kill players in loading screen.
    - Do not camp Obelisks or Dungeon entries, players must be able to move and run before you engage in any PvP in

     these places.
    - Players who repeatedly run in and out of Dungeon to avoid pvp can be killed in loading screen Make sure to record

     when doing it to avoid confusion.

6. Raid Protection (RP) can be granted upon joining Server or after a substantial amount of loot lost from the raid.

7. If you "Ninja" Someone's Base you will need to provide video Evidence to show how it was done.

8. No cleansing weapons. - Set's Tongue, Mitra's Justice can't be used to remove player Buffs

    - Can only be used to remove Poison.

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