Savage Dogs  Rules

1.  Max 1 main base per clan/solo player. Max 4 outposts Size 15x15. 
     Do not block important spawns "If not Sure ask Admin"

2.  Total of 3.000 Building Pieces Allowed (Do /heatmap to see your Building Count).
3.  Max 5 Vaults per solo/clan
4.  No Horses/Rhinos PvP (Horse/Rhino can be used for transport/Travel but not for PvP)
    Counts as horse PVP even if a Player attacks a Thrall/Pet or Knockdown a Player with the Horse.

5.  No Cats Allowed (Sabertooth, Tiger, Panter, Lion, Jaguar, and e.e.) any Cats found will be Deleted!
6.  Do not equip thralls with Throwing axes, Javelins, Snake and Blunted arrows.
7.  Do not kill players in loading screen. Do not camp Caravans or Dungeon entries, players must be

     able to move and run before you engage in any PvP in these places.

     (Players who repeatedly run in and out of Dungeon to avoid pvp can be killed in loading screen,

     make sure to record when doing it to avoid confusion).
8.  No cleansing weapons: Set's Tongue, Mitra's Justice

     (Can only be used to remove Poison, not player boosts)


Some of the many BANNED bugs.

1.  NOT Allowed to Transfer loot through the door/wall.
2.  NOT Allowed to use Door Frames to Prevent Damage.
3.  NOT Allowed to Kill Followers with Palisades.
4.  NOT Allowed to Use Kick Lunge to speed Around
5.  NOT Allowed to Use Spam attack Lunge Non Stop


General Behavior
1.  Toxicity against admins or the server will get you Banned.
2.  No cheating, hacking or use of third party programs;
this will have you banned instantly.
3.  Only 1 account per player. You must be on discord.
4.  Don't try bending the rules, it will end up in BAN.
5.  Player name need to be in Visible, no hidden symbols, need to contain letters (not just symbols), not offensive.
6.  Clan name needs to be visible and not just empty spaces.


1.   Reporting rule breaks must be done through a ticket and be supported by video evidence, not to admins directly.

- Do not attack players while on the Horse (they only can be used for travel), breaking a rule will end up

  in receiving a warning, after 2 warnings you and your clan won’t be able to use horses for the rest of 

  the wipe 
  (all your clan horses and stables will be deleted asap).
- If someone uses cleansing weapons on you make sure you have Video evidence, screen shoots won’t

  be accepted. 
- We remind you once again Reports with out VIDEO evidence won’t be valid.