1. No Horses/Rhinos PvP (Horse/Rhino can be used for transport/Travel
      but not for PvP).
    - Also counts as Horse/Rhino PVP even if a Player attacks a Follower
      or Knocks down a Player with the Horse/Rhino.

2. No Cats Allowed (Sabertooth, Tiger, Panter, Lion, Jaguar, and e.e.).
    Any Cats found will be Deleted!

3. No Smoke / Acid / Oil Arrows "During Base Defence"

4. Only Clan vs Clan wile Raiding:
    - This means that attackers and defenders can only consist of 1 clan
     on each side at any given base location.
    - If you see another clan raiding a base, you need to stay away and
      Do NOT interfere.

5. Counter-raiding is allowed - but keep in mind that only 2 clans can be
    involved in any given Raid / Defence.

6. Any hotswapers aren't allowed to participate in Raids / Counter
    Raids / Defence, only the ones in the clan can interfere!

7. Do not equip thralls with Throwing axes, Javelins, Snake and
    Blunted arrows.

8. Do not kill players in loading screen.
   - Do not camp Obelisks or Dungeon entries, players must be able to
    move and run before you engage in any PvP in these places.
   - Players who repeatedly run in and out of Dungeon to avoid pvp can
     be killed in loading screen
    (Make sure to record when doing it to avoid confusion).

9. 3 days of Raid Protection (RP) can be granted upon joining Server or
    after a substantial amount of loot lost from the raid.

10. No cleansing weapons: Set's Tongue, Mitra's Justice
     (Can only be used to remove Poison, not player boosts).

11. 1 Day of Raid Protection can be Requested if you been
     Nearly Raided (Proof will be requested).